Peabody Public Schools Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

We prepare each student to reach his or her full intellectual, creative and individual potential through a fully integrated and diverse curriculum to meet the responsibilities of citizenship. 

Core Values
We believe…
  • Students come first.
  • Each student can learn and succeed given the proper support, environment, and attention to individual learning style.
  • A challenging, supportive, and respectful environment is essential for teaching and learning.
  • Student achievement is predicated upon high quality professional development.
  • Education is the foundation of good citizenship.
  • A well rounded education consists of core academics, fine and applied arts, physical education, and technology skills.
  • Respect for self and others is essential and reflected in all learning.
  • High expectations for student achievement are shared by students, family, school, and community.
  • Education is the shared responsibility of students, family, school, and community.

Vision Statement
Peabody schools inspire, empower, and challenge our students to pursue excellence in reaching their potential. Professional educators and community partners collaborate to ensure success at the highest level in a safe, student-centered environment. We are a community of life-long learners who value the individual while promoting integrity, courage, and the acceptance of differences.

Goals and Objectives
  1. To improve academic performance in all subjects.
    1. To horizontally and vertically align the curriculum, PreK-12.
    2. To utilize a variety of instructional strategies to support individual student success.
    3. To implement a variety of assessments that authentically evaluate student learning.
  2. To expand community involvement that will foster a sense of ownership and shared responsibility for our schools.
    1. To build a framework of communications that reflects a positive image of our schools.
    2. To cultivate relationships with community groups that will actively support educational efforts.
    3. To establish programs that foster active and on-going family involvement and support of our school system.
  3. To develop internal and external resources.
    1. To maximize existing resources and continue to procure alternate sources of funding.
    2. To hire and retain the highest quality staff.
    3. To cultivate and support leadership within the school district.
  4. To provide a safe and healthy environment with a shared sense of respect and responsibility among students, staff, and family.
    1. To improve communication among and between students, staff, and families.
    2. To increase civic awareness and promote acceptance of differences among students, staff, and families.
    3. To continue to make improvements to our facilities

Original Strategic Planning Team:
Pat Larkin
Jean Shea
Todd Bucey
Patty Messina
Brian Fay
Nadine Binkley
Rosemary Piaker
Ellen Fiore
Kendra Piza
Marlene Atkin
Mandy Correale
Kevin Wong
Business Community
Dave Hall
Dave Gravel
Camille Bartlett
Bradlee Tattan
Terry Dwyer
Denise Bowden
Keith McCabe
Maria Branquinho
Scott Gordon
School Committee
Mike Bonfanti
Anne Manning
Martha Holden
College Representative
Tom Billings
Ralph Jasparro