Our History

Images within the Peabody Public Schools masthead:

George Peabody  (1795-1869)
Photograph of an etching of George Peabody in Peabody Institute, Baltimore, Md.  Engraving of George Peabody by Heny Lemon
A 2010 photograph by R. Smoller of a close-up of Peabody's face in an etching hanging in the Peabody Institute, Baltimore, Maryland.

(Painted by H.W. Pickersgill  R.A. [Royal Academy], London: Published September 21 st, 1867 by Messrs Hayward & Leggatt, 79, Cornhill, & Henry Lemon, 14 St. Sephen’s Road, Shepherds Bush.  Engraved by Henry Lemon. GEORGE PEABODY - From the original Painting in the possession of the Honorable the Corporation of the City of London
Printed by M. Lueen  (or Dueen?)
Dedicated to the Kindred Nations of England and America.

Peabody’s Penmanship
Note written by George Peabody sent to the town in 1852

 "The seal of this is not to be broken till the toasts are being proposed by the
Chairman at the Dinner 16th June (1852) at Danvers in commemmoration
of the occasion from George Peabody of London."

The “sentiment” enclosed was the gift of $50,000 to establish the Peabody
Institute and Lyceum on Main Street.
Peabody had good penmanship.  As a boy, he kept records while an apprentice
at Sylvester Proctor’s apothecary on Main Street and later was employed to write
ballots for the Federalist Party while living in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Peabody Square image in the PPS masthead
Peabody Square
Peabody Square, a black and white photo looking east towards Salen

In 2008, Peabody Veterans Memorial High School Advanced Photography
students interpreted photographs in the collections of the Peabody Historical Society 
to communicate his/her perspectives on life in Peabody today. 
Funded by the Peabody Cultural Council.

Image of Medal from the PPS masthead
Peabody Medal
 Picture of one of the first Peabody Merit Scholar Medals
Early version of medal awarded since 1854 to the top students at
Peabody High School in Peabody and in Danvers. Information about
the Peabody Medals can be found on the left.

Seal of the City of Peabody
Seal of the City of Peabody

Learn more about the city's history as: Naumkeag, Middle Precinct, Danvers, South Danvers and Peabody by following the Before Peabody Was Peabody link on the left.

 Decorative letter P  P
A photograph taken by R. Smoller in 2010 of the end of a row of seating in the Great Hall of the Peabody Institute, Baltimore.