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    Our Anti-Bullying Rules
    • We will not bully others.
    • We will try to help students who are bullied.
    • We will try to include students who are left out.
    • If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.




  • Higgins Extracurricular Activities

    Above the Influence  The “Above the Influence” Club is a club for 7th and 8th graders aimed at helping students engage in the Higgins Community to keep themselves and others away from drugs and alcohol. We will be doing activities such as creating commercials and signage to help kids remember why it’s important to be themselves, show empathy to others, and be a positive part of their community. Students will be making decisions on the kinds of projects we will be doing but some ideas are to create a video about how we can reach out to students at Higgins, creating signs for the skate park, and sharing the message to keep students away from negative influences.  This club will be meeting after school on some Tuesdays, as well as during the 7th grade and 8th grade REACH blocks. We hope you’ll consider joining!

    Basketball After School Basketball Intramural - Students can come down to the gym by grade level after school and play basketball until late buses (3:20 pm). Each grade is a different day of the week on a rotating schedule. The intramural calendar is posted on the Physical Education website.  After school intramurals are announced every morning during the morning announcements, and they are posted on the white board outside of the locker rooms. The program runs until early November and will run again the spring. 

    Field Hockey stick figure  - After School Field Hockey Intramural - Join in on the field behind Higgins on Wednesdays and Thursdays 
    from 3:00 - 4:00 pm.

    Pots of paint  - Art Club - Join The Art Club every Tuesday afternoon from 2:35 -3:15 in Mrs. Nelson’s art room, #235.  Some of the activities we will be working with are: clay, batik, large drawings, candle making, and more! There is an announcement every week before Tuesday announcing what the next activity will be. There will be an example of the project and the Art Club Sign up in the Library. Limited to 25 students. Come join the fun!!

    Chess pieces  - "The Chess Club will meet on Wednesday afternoons in ART ROOM 236 (Mr. Rapheal's room). The first meeting will be held on October, 26th. All students, regardless of experience or playing level, are encouraged to join."

    Paints  - Craft Club - The Craft Club will use paper, ribbon, yard and other mediums to craft unique items.  The Club is an opportunity to meet other students while learning about various crafts.  Students attend on scheduled Tuesdays after school and leave by 3:15 pm.  Seating is limited to 10-12 students, depending on the craft.  Students may sign up for one or all the projects.  The project will be announced on the morning announcements.

    Recycle Symbole   - "The Environmental Club is a student-driven club that examines environmental issues on a local to a global scale on Thursday’s after school until 3:20 in Mrs. Orlando’s room (223). The club will look at how humans impact their environment and other issues such as climate change, pollution, and waste. The club will focus on establishing a recycling program at Higgins and assisting in the efforts of ensuring all students are recycling to preserve the Earth. If you are interested in making your school, Peabody, or Earth a better place, please join the Environmental Club."

    Homework Club  - Homework Club - "Need a quiet place to do homework after school? Join the Homework Club: we will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons. Listen to morning announcements for the meeting place as it will change weekly. Homework Club will start on Tuesday, October 25 in room 202. All students are encouraged to join."

    More activities coming soon!


  • Reach
    Designed to support our Failure Is Not An Option philosophy, REACH time is structured to help ensure success for all students. There is no one definition of success that fits all students and this block allows us the flexibility to provide support and reinforcement to those that need it, while offering enrichment activities to others.
    A feature of our schedule once again this year is REACH (Reteaching, Enrichment, Activity CHoice) once per 5-day cycle.
    Students that are eligible (no missing work, MCAS Proficiency, grades meet expectations--ours and theirs!) can participate in activity choice during REACH, which offers enrichment in a number of academic, cultural, and social arenas. Check out our current REACH offerings.

    Our Philosophy
    At Higgins Middle School we believe that all children can succeed. We also realize that students learn in a multitude of ways at vastly different rates. Simply put: we will not give up on students!
    Part of this philosophy includes ensuring that students view failure and improvement as part of the natural learning process and that hard work and dedication pays off. We work with our students to rise to the challenge of our high expectations, to learn continuously, and to never give up.
    We encourage and--in some cases--require our students to correct and improve upon their work by entering into a contract with teachers, with the ultimate goal being mastery of the subject area standards.


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